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Jason Lill

Lead Guitar

Jason Lill is a handsome devil who knows how to wail on his gitfiddle.  There is none greater.  He's a jetsetter, but when he puts the wheels down, he rocks with us.


Bryan West


Bryan West has traveled the world showcasing his talent, and redefined the art of drumming.  He's written this definition in a language only he understands, so we're not exactly sure what he's saying.


Jason Proulx

Lead Vocals

Jason Proulx has been singing for as long as he can remember.  He has spent his musical career honing his gift, trying his best to emulate artists from many genres including Freddy Mercury, Steven Tyler, Zac Brown, and many others.  His musical tastes are eclectic and bizarre, which might explain the kilt.  Or not.  We're really not sure what's up with the kilt.


Sara West


Sara West adds a depth and character to the band that was much needed.  Her harmonies and spunk are part of what make Organized Chaos truly special.  And she "tries" to make us all behave.


Brooke Tyler


Brooke Tyler holds down the bass line like no one else.  And you'd better believe it, he's all about that bass.


Chris Haberbosch

ALL the Instruments

Chris Haberbosch is a multi-talented, multi-instrument playing genius.  His current list of instruments includes guitar, piano, electronic wind instrument, harmonica, and mandolin.  At the time of this publishing it is likely he has learned at least three more instruments.

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